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Will my Scribble pen work without a mobile device?

Yes. Scribble will be designed to work with or without a mobile device. You can capture colors even if you don’t have a smart phone.  

What is the difference between the Smart Pen and Smart Stylus?

The pen is designed for drawing on paper, while the smart stylus is designed for writing or drawing on mobile devices like an iPad, iPad Pro, an Android tablet, or a Microsoft Surface tablet.

Is it possible to refill the ink inside the pen?

Yes, when your pen is running low on ink, simply order a new ink cartridge and replace the empty one

Can the Scribble Pen double as a Stylus?

Scribble Pen cannot be used to draw on a digital screen. For drawing on tablets, you’ll have to get an awesome Scribble Smart Stylus.

How much are ink cartridges?

Less than $25.

Do I need an Internet Connection to use Scribble?

An Internet connection isn’t required to use your Scribble and capture all the colors of your world, but to transfer your captured colors to a mobile device, you will need a Bluetooth connection.